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In 2015 a group of forward thinking and progressive cattle producers got together with the goal of taking the Tucumcari Bull Test to the next level.

The group invested in updating the pens and purchased the latest feed intake technology designed by GrowSafe Systems. The intent? To bring the idea of efficiency to the forefront in the genetic selection process.

This addition provides buyers more valuable information than ever available in previous years. The pens were also expanded to allow for over 300 sq. ft. per bull.

The combination of the high roughage diet, more ability to exercise, and the commingling environment, means the bulls are better prepared to hit the ground running!

The tradition and integrity of the historic Tucumcari Bull Test & Sale, remains while providing more precise production and efficiency information.

Review the Performance Reports, come see the improvements at the NMSU Ag Science Center in Tucumcari, and join us for this year's sale on March 11th.

Marcy Ward, Bull Test Director
Extension Livestock Specialist
Cell: 575-644-3379