Riverside Angus

Alex and JoEllen Netherton
Sons: Cody and Evan
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Riverside Angus was founded in 2003 near the confluence of the Arkansas and Purgatoire Rivers in response to a growing demand for black-hided, easy calving cattle, that could survive and thrive on the high plains of Southeastern Colorado where it takes 40 acres to run a cow and winters often require constant feeding.

Not long after starting out with our foundation 40 cows, we decided we wanted to try to put our bull calves to the test as we believed they would stack up favorably to other breeders, but didn't really have the facts or figures to prove it. We wanted to go to a bull test to match our guys against the performance and efficiency of others, but couldn't find one in our immediate area.

Although it wasn't in our marketing area, we persisted in our desire to test and first went to the Northeast Colorado bull test held near Sterling Colorado for a couple years and winning the test in 2007. After which the test program disbanded and left us once again looking for a place to test our calves.

After not testing our calves for several years, we heard about a progressive test in New Mexico that was accepting entries. The rest, as they say is history. We've been very happy with how our bulls have performed and sold over the years. We hope this years crop meets with your acceptance and approval, we look forward to visiting with you about your cattle prior to the sale, as well as in the years to come as we discuss how your calves are doing.

This is our 4th year testing bulls at the Tucumcari Feed Efficiency Test, our 15th year raising register Angus cattle and our 24th year of raising registered cattle overall.

E6 | This high performing bull is out of a dam that originated in the famed Sydenstricker program in Missouri, she had a successful show career before going on to be one of our best brood cows. She won her division and her class as a yearling in 2011 at the State fair of Nebraska. He's near the top of the heap for both WDA and ADG, and is a bull that can be used on both cows and heifers.

E10 | Extreme calving ease here out of a first calf heifer, he ranks in the top 1% of the breed in Calving ease direct and his pedigree tabulation is straight Connealy blood tracing to breed greats like Thunder and Answer 71.

E11 | A rare direct son of the famous Basin Payweight 1682 Out of a first calf heifer sired by the popular ABS Sire Schelbein Protocol.If you are looking for some style, depth and length while still having calving ease, don't overlook him.

E14 | A natural son of the now deceased Sitz Onward 377S who was a 3/4 brother to the great Sitz Upward 307R. This easy calving herd sire prospect has tons of length and is as deep sided as you'd ever want to make him. His Hoff bred dam has been a solid producer since being selected from the historic Hansen Dispersal at Ogallalla in 2013.

E23 | After her calf won the test last year, we decided to double up on the quality of the A21 dam and breed her back to her sire, in essence creating a calf that is linebred three times to the great SAV 8180 Traveler 004 bull. I loved the look of this calf from he day he was born, if you're looking for thickness and capacity, mark him down.

E30 | We thought this bull's sire was easily the thickest, most well made and correct bull at the National Western Stock Show in Denver two years ago, we used him extensively in our AI program that spring and have been very happy with the results. The dam of this bull was the 2nd highest selling bred cow at the JSK Dispersal in New York, where she brought $6500 when the gavel fell.

E31 | The best bull we've produced in many years, we'd like the right to purchase semen on this stud if you have him collected. His dam, by BC Lookout, never misses and stems from a long line of quality.

E34 | Another son of the great Select Sires bull SAC Conversation, he has depth and spring of rib that everyone is looking for, along with an energy index number (-5.25) that will ensure his caves will be easy keeping cattle with longevity.