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Sanchez Angus Cattle & Farm

Sanchez Angus Cattle & Farm
Sanchez Angus Cattle & Farm

Patrick Sanchez
57 Jose I Garcia Rd.
Belen, NM 87002
(505) 385-2994
E-mail: tjaram4387@yahoo.com

Sanchez Angus Cattle & Farm is located in Los Chavez, New Mexico, five miles north of Belen, at 4,728 feet above sea-level. Sanchez Angus is owned by Patrick, Theresa, and their four children: Veronica, Mario, Brianna and Arianna.

Sanchez Angus has been raising cattle since 1998, at which time, Patrick started with Commercial Angus and Angus Herford Cross Cattle. The sire used was a Traveler Angus from Capitan, NM, that produced first generation Baldy calves that were in high demand with the Commercial Cattle Market. In 2000, Sanchez Angus had the #1 selling commercial Angus Bull, sold at Valley Livestock Bull Sale, just South of Albuquerque.

In 2006, we started breeding registered Angus. Sanchez Angus has been competing for the last three years in the NMSU Tucumcari Bull Test. Last year, on the 50th Anniversary, we were honored to win the Tucumcari Bull Test, which was our second year competing. We had the high gaining and high indexing Angus bull. A son of B/R Future Direction 6171 had a 5.10 ADG and an overall index of 112.6.

Our goal as a seed stock producer is that our cattle will be genetically sound, moderate frame, calf easy, will grow rapidly, and breed back. Our cattle are bred to be efficient and their carcasses will yield tender high quality beef.

At this year's TBT Bull Test , we currently have four bulls on test. We have a sire group from "Gar Objective 561" that is doing great. After 84 days on test, our 3-1 bull has a current WDA of 3.16 and an ADG of 4.42. Currently, we are calving out of B/R Future Direction 6171, and J-C SS Objective 08520. The cattle graze in Los Chavez, NM from the end of November through February, in our winter alfalfa pastures. The other eight months, the cattle are on a ranch 7 miles east of Moriarty (elev. 6,500 feet above sea-level) that consists of open ranges and native grasses.

Sanchez Angus has been blessed with the success of the cattle that it has raised, and would like to thank all our past and future buyers. Sanchez Angus will continue with all their efforts to produce Angus Cattle suitable for the Southwest and other parts of the country.