COS Shorthorns

COS Shorthorns
Reference Sire JSF Marquis
Reference Sire JSF Marquis 127x

Jim Leach
Stratford, TX

We bought 10 heifers from Loving Shorthorns out of Pawnee Rock, KS in 2017. Some came to us A.I. bred and we kept the bull COS Kaper and the mother of COS Kaper 1804. Both the Kapers are out of first calf heifers. All five of the bulls from the 2020 calf crop are at this year’s Tucumcari Bull Test. COS Marquis’ sire is a bull that weighed 784lbs at 205 days. We have never pulled a calf from cows bred to him. The Kapers are known for calving ease. The heifers we bought from Lovings had pelvic measures of 180 or better.