Netherton Charolais & Angus

Dennis "Corky" Netherton
305 Vigil Ave.
Las Animas, CO 81054
719-980-0365 cell
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Netherton Farms was founded in 1969, starting with just a handful of calves I bought from a neighbor. Almost 50 years later we run over 450 registered cows, about 250 Charolais and 200 Angus on just over 12,000 acres of grass in Southeastern Colorado.

We have searched endlessly over the years for cattle that are thick, correct and square, while still being easy keeping without the need for pampering and extra care. Because of the large pastures we run in, AI is not really feasible, but to combat that, we travel throughout the country looking for the best bulls we can find.

Presently, we are using walking bulls from both Sitz and Connealy Angus programs and have found them to be very functional and efficient. In addition, on Charolais we use herd bulls out of Linskov-Thiel in South Dakota and the Dykes program in Iowa. We appreciate you considering our bulls.

71 | A thick, good looking, easy calving bull that's been one our best from the very start. His dam,who descends from breed greats like BC Lookout and VDAR Bando 701, has a picture perfect udder and never misses. Can be used safely on heifers.

733 | Extreme calving ease and efficiency are on offer in this classy young stud that ties up some of the best Sitz and Connealy bloodlines. Can be used on heifers or cows.

740 | Long, thick and correct, he checks all the boxes and does it in a calving ease package that will let you sleep soundly all night.

750 | Square, correct and fancy might be the best way to describe this good footed bull that will leave some excellent heifers in your herd along with some stout steers. Maternally he traces to one of the most maternal bulls in the history of the breed, Rito 6I6.

737 | A grandson of the great ABS bull LT Ledger from the famed Linskov-Theil program in South Dakota. The calves from this bull will crush the scales and add profit to your bottom line.

750 | Tattooed and tagged as #748, his pedigree couldn't be drawn up much better if you're trying to make those smokey feeder calves that will top the market.

745 | Mark this one, if you're looking for calves that will gain and do it efficiently. Over the first sixty days of the test he gained 4.83 lbs a day to ratio 119.79, while consuming 4.35 lbs of feed for every pound of gain to ratio 127.79.

753 | An easier calving bull that his counterparts, expect calves to weigh 75-85 lbs at birth and come relatively easy to cows. Get those good gray calves the market is after in an easier calving package.