Joshua DeLoris

Image of Joshua DeLoris cattle

My Name is Joshua DeLoris, and I am from the Pueblo of Laguna. My goal has been to make a good product for not only the consumer but for the bull buyer's who are going to use and raise these animals, knowing they can count on the bull.

I have had some really great mentor's that have helped me learn so much about the business and how to create good, dependable animals that will perform. Randy White (mentor) and John Heckendorn (mentor) were two different types of breeders that I think very highly of, I have listened to both of them and tried to combine that knowledge together. This is my first time entering the NMSU Tucumcari Bull Test, I believe this is a very good program, and I hope to get another opportunity in the future here at NMSU Tucumcari.

Joshua DeLoris
Rio Rancho, NM
Phone: 505-235-5076