2022-23 Performance Reports

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Angus: With close to 100 bulls in the Angus division, competition is tight and the bar is raised quite high. Leading the group is lot 16-3 from Salazar Ranches out of Espanola, NM. It is currently carrying a 145.84 ration for gain; averaging a sustained 5.30 lbs per day! Raised in high altitude, the Salazar bulls will be able to travel anywhere and produce nice growthy calves. Lust Angus’s 10-23 bull is a Payweight son that isn’t far behind, gaining 5.27 lbs per day. Rounding out the top three of this very competitive division is 9-7; gaining 5.25 lbs per day. With less than a ¼ lb difference between the top three, its easy to see the level of performance these cattle have across owners. Another Salazar bull is demonstrating his efficiency chops, having the lowest feed conversion ratios across 79 head and one of the lowest RFI (-4.96 RFI) At 4.39 lbs per day, and that low RFI you can bet his offspring will save you money. The 7-1 bull from Sanchez Angus is not only our highest WDA bull, but also one of the more efficient. At the time of weigh day this calf was already tipping the scale at 1253, and has the best RFI value of the group at -5.03.

Braunvieh: J Bar Braunvieh brought us another nice set of Braunvieh calves. These thick made hearty calves are all performing within a ½ lb of each other. Bull 11-6 is currently group leader for gain at 3.66 lbs per day. The 11-4 bull is the only one to have been feed efficiency tested so far, but shows much promise at a conversion rate of 7.12 lbs (lower than pen average) and has a negative RFI of -0.66. Stay tuned as the rest will be efficiency tested the next 60 days.

Charolais: Grau Charolais brought us 4 nice Charolais steers. Stricken with horrible drought, these calves have had to make it through some pretty tough times. Well-muscled and attractive calves we will see their true potential as the efficiency data comes out on them in the next 60 days.

Hereford: This year we have 11 Hereford bulls on test, some horned some polled. All six of Corn Herefords are dominating the test this year. Lot number 3-3, out of JDH AH BENTON 8G ET is leading the pack with an impressive 4.85 lb sustained gain, ratioing 145.06! He is also the top of the group for WDA. Only one was tested for efficiency in the first trial. Abercrombie Ranche’s 1-1 bull did well, converting 7.25/lb of gain (below pen average) and has one of the best RFI values of the group at -4.78. When you think of building your f1 crossed herd, this battery of bulls is going to make some great females!!!

Red Angus: We have two cookie cutter bulls from the Boomhower Ranch out of Kanas. Take one take them both, these calves will make a good pair. Averaging 3.28 lbs in gain, these well muscled bulls will add pounds to calves and money in the bank.

Salers: K4 Cattle company is back with another nice set of Salers bulls. These cattle have been going to the high country of New Mexico and are doing well! The one to watch is lot # 18-7. This calf is gaining 4.11 lbs per day! No efficiency data on him yet, so stay tuned! If you are looking for the whole package check out 18-4. So far this calf is good across the board; gaining 3.85 per day, has the highest WDA ratio at 107, and an impressive conversion rate of 5.93 and a -1.80 RFI! This calf is sure to build some nice hearty crossbred females and growthy calves.

Simangus: New to the test! From Estancia, NM, Valigura Simmental brought 10 very productive and attractive Simangus bulls. These versatile cattle should do well in the high country and the flats, cover ground and your cows. Overall moderate in frame. The race is on in this group with a dominant leader in lot # 23-1. This calf is weighing in at 1243, gaining a sustained 4.70 and has WDA value of 4.0! Hybrid vigor pays the bills, and this bull will sure bring that to the table. Converting at 6.26 lbs and carrying a -0.58 RFI, your cattle buyers will love his calves.

Please note, for the top rank report, those bulls listed are performing at 85% or better in their contemporary groups.