63rd Annual Tucumcari Bull Test & Sale

March 9, 2024

The 2023/2024 Tucumcari Bull Test is well off and running and the bulls are looking good and performing better than last year! Since 2015, the consignors and owners of the Tucumcari Feed Efficiency Test facility have worked hard on improving the performance and efficiency of their cattle. Given the harsh conditions of the Southwest region, these cattle are able to be productive, generate marketable calves, and build a cow herd that is genetically relevant to today’s industry while still being able to thrive in tough country.

As an added bonus this year, folks will be able to take advantage of these great genetics on the female side too! Raised in your country, these yearling females should hit the ground running and blend into your breeding program well. We will be offering 20 registered and commercial Angus heifers at the end of the sale. Videos will be made available on them as well as the bulls.

We have 147 bulls currently in the program, representing 8 breeds. At day 112 of the test most have seem to hit a gear! Bulls are averaging 1120 lbs, gaining 3.84 lbs/day and have a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.17! Efficiency data is complete on ½ the bulls as well. The first group showed an impressive conversion rate of 5.35 lbs! This is almost ¾ pounds less than current industry standards! That means the genetic selection our producers are doing is really working to stretch forage and reduce cost of gain at the feedyard. To read the highlights and to checkout their data click on the link below.

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Marcy Ward
Bull Test Director
Cell: 575-644-3379
Email: maward@nmsu.edu