Corn Herefords

Image of Corn Family

The Corn clan arrived in Roswell in 1878, so the 4th-6th generation of Corns are proud to be doing what we have bred in us and that being cattle and sheep ranchers!

Mike Corn's granddad, Jesse Corn, had registered Herefords dating back to the 1940's and always used all the bulls he raised for his large commercial cow herd. Mike's father, Bronson Corn, maintained the registered cows from the mid 60's to the mid 70's. When he noticed Mike's interest in the registered cow, he helped add to this herd by purchasing several pairs from the Sam Massey registered cow herd dispersal in the mid 70's.

In 1983 the Corn's made a large purchase of top-end cows from Doolittle Hereford in Watrous, New Mexico, along with an interest in their show bull, T165. In 1985 they purchased 1/2 of all the replacement 2-year old bred Herefords from the very top-end of the Langford Hereford herd from Texico, New Mexico. The Corn's have always bred and selected for fertility, milk and volume.

Mike Corn
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