Mead Registered Angus

Image of Mead Family

Mead Angus is a family owned Angus business. Located in Hartley Texas and in San Jon New Mexico. We are continuing a family Angus operation that started over 50 years ago, by Regan’s parents, Bob and Joanne Mead. We try to improve our heard every year, to meet the needs of our customers. Our bulls have low birth-weights, and high weaning weights without the help of creep feed in our south west environment.

The sire of the bulls that we are offering this year is a grandson of T C Stockman, and was the Jr. Champion at the Ft. Worth Stock-show in 2013. He offers a great phenotype along with super EPD’s and all of his offspring has great dispositions.mOur bulls offer a way to put money in the bank with your calf crop.We thank you for attending the 2016 Tucumcari Bull Test Sale and appreciate your business.

Regan and Melissa Mead
Hartley, TX
Phone: 806-576-6523