Hartzog Angus Cattle

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The registered herd originated in 1949 with the purchase of six cows from the Dean of Agriculture at Texas Tech. From then, the herd has grown into a full-time enterprise and occupation. Roy and Trudy have been working together in this "joint venture" for over thirty years and have seen a lot of changes in Angus cattle over this time frame.

One of the main attributes of the Angus breed is its ability to respond to various industry needs. For example, carcass quality and consumer preference was raised to a new level with the promotion of "Certified Angus Beef." Growth trait selection made gains possible that were previously unheard of for Angus cattle. Even measures of traits such as docility and maternal character have given breeders more opportunities to choose which animals will perform the best, in their own environment and situation.

As for Hartzog Angus Cattle's own herd goals, they strive to produce cattle that will fit into breeding programs which need good, solid replacements, from their own herd, while helping them achieve their own goals in their specific environment. As Roy's father always believed, 'a person should always get the best bull they can afford in order to improve or enhance their own genetics. You don't have to make all the progress at once, but rather stay on a steady course of improvement.'

This is the way to utilize the unique ability of the Angus breed to respond to your goals and needs. Roy and Trudy hope the seedstock from their herd will help you achieve your goals.

Roy and Trudy Hartzog
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