Performance Reports: 2015-16

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There has been significant and positive changes to the Tucumcari Bull Test this year! The addition of the GrowSafe® feed intake technology allows us to measure feed intake per individual bull. Additionally, this equipment helps us calculate Residual Feed Intake (RFI) efficiency for this set of bulls.

Therefore, the structure of the test itself has changed. We now have three separate contemporary groups (A, B, & C), versus one complete test group, as in years past. Instead of 38 individual pens, we now have two large pens and 10 individual pens. Bulls in the large pens are the "RFI Tested" bulls. Because of age, management, and time of year, we felt it would be more appropriate to break out the 147 bulls currently on test, into three separate contemporary groups.

120-Day Report

The February 17th weigh day wrapped up yet another great year for the Tucumcari Bull Test. As a whole the calves gained well, with the Angus averaging 3.97 lbs per day and Herefords averaging 3.47. The average end weight of the bulls is 1120 lbs.

The Top Indexing Angus bulls for Groups A and B both come from McCall Land and Cattle. From Group A, Mccall Ef Impression 2348, out of EF Impression 2648, had a Final Index of 118.06. This impressive young bull was in the top 25% of the test for both ADG (4.55) and feed conversion (3.68 lbs of dry feed per 1 lb of gain). He also had the lowest RFI value (-2.59), making him the most efficient calf in the pen. Mccall Denver 5010 was the High Indexing Bull for Group B. Sired by EXAR Denver 2002B, this bull mirrored his herd mate in both gain (4.46 lbs/d) and feed conversion (4.11 lbs dry feed/lb of gain).

The Top Indexing Herefords for both Groups A and B come from the Abercrombie Ranch in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Similar to the Angus set from McCalls, these calves’ performance data are very similar. Both ranked in the top 25% in gain and feed efficiency. From Group A, RA Advance 1575 has an impressive end weight of 1270 lbs, ADG of 4.62, and feed conversion of 4.7 lbs feed/1 lbs of gain. This data all contributed to an overall test index of 113.84. RA Advance 1577, from Group B, will impress you both by his performance and eye appeal. This calf currently weighs in at 1378 and sustained an ADG of 4.70. His overall test index was 119.35 and will start off this year’s sale in the top slot!

In Group C, the honors of Top Indexing Bull goes to NAF Onward 522, out of Netherton Angus' impressive herd sire Sitz Onward 377S. The combination of a strong rate of gain (4.8 lbs/d) and WDA of 4.05 contributed to his final index of 111.15. Weighing in at 1313, this calf will provide optimum growth to your cow herd.

We have a very deep field of excellent performers in this year’s test. Look how they all broke out in the rankings listed in the Final Ranking Report!

90-Day Report

The massive winter storm on December 26, 2015, had little impact on bull performance at the Tucumcari Bull Test. In fact several bulls have hit another gear this last 30 days.

Group A bulls born January 1 to February 2, 2015, are currently averaging 940 lbs. with a sustained average daily gain of 3.69. Our top gaining Angus bull comes from Miller Angus and is currently 1200 lbs. with a sustained ADG of 5.11/lb/d! He is a ranch raised calf out of one of their premier herd bulls Miller Bando Canyon 311. The top weight per day of age (WDA) performer in this group comes from McCall Land and Cattle, McCall EF Impression 5028 (son of EF Impression 2648) is weighing in at 1230 lbs. with a sustained 5.0 ADG, and WDA of 3.77.

Both of the top performing Herefords come from the Abercrombie Ranch based in Tucumcari, New Mexico. From different sires, RA ADVANCE 1575; out of C&M Advance 8203 1009 ET currently weighs 1130 with a sustained ADG of 4.36 and WDA of 3.12, while his herd mate RA ADVANCE 1573, out of C&M Advance 8203 1007, is weighing in at 1010 lbs, gaining 3.99 and has a WDA value of 2.77.

Group B includes the younger set born March 1 to April 30, 2015, were faced with not only weather, but a new adjustment to the GrowSafe® feeders. Based on their performance, however, they did not miss a beat. The average weight of this group is currently 792 with a sustained ADG of 3.07. Top performing Angus in this pen include J-C Angus' J-C Final Answer 1560 out of Bluegrass Final Answer 309; weighing 1000 lbs., gaining 4.30 lbs. per day and has a WDA value of 2.96. The Angus bull calf with the greatest WDA in this group is from Cornerstone Ranch. TRL O'Reilly Freedom 5041 is out of Lazy JB O'Reilly Factor 3038 and carries a WDA of 3.37.

The top performing Hereford in the B Group carries both the greatest ADG (3.91/d) and WDA (3.96) within breed. Abercrombie Ranch's RA ADVANCE 1536, out of C&M Advance 8203 1007, weighs 1090 at 244 days of age, demonstrating the greatest WDA throughout the pen and across breeds.

Group C has the largest set of calves; weighing 1080 lbs. on average, with a sustained ADG of 4.13 lbs/d. The top two gainers in this group come from McCall Land and Cattle. McCall EF Impression 5043 also out of EF Impression 2648 has an ADG of 5.25 lbs/d, followed by McCall In Focus 5051, out of Baldridge Uppercrust U135 (4.88 ADG). The bull with the greatest WDA comes from Netherton Angus. NAF Onward 522 carries an impressive WDA of 3.82.

60-Day Report

Group A includes the older bulls, born between January 1 and February 28, 2015. They were placed in the RFI testing pen to measure intake for the first 60 days of the test. They had an average daily gain of 3.73 lbs. The top gaining bull from this group is out of McCall Land & Cattle, EF Impression 2648, averaging 5.13 lbs .of gain per day. The bulls in this pen are weighing on average 930 lbs. Given most of these bulls were naivee to bunk line feeding and having to compete for feed, intakes do not seem to be affected based on their performance.

Group B consists of the younger calves scheduled to be RFI tested the last 60 days of the overall test. These calves are in a similar sized pen as Group A, however they are a bit lighter due to age (60 days younger), averaging 790 lbs. Additionally, their gain is slightly lower, at 2.94 lbs. per day. The top performing bull out of this pen, however, is again from McCall's Land & Cattle. Gaining 4.20 lbs. per day, this nice Angus calf is out of Baldridge Uppercrust U135. Do not discount this report's numbers for this group. It is very likely their performance will greatly improve during the last 60 days. Age and size was at their disadvantage at this time.

Group C is considered the "individually tested" bulls. These bulls are penned in groups of 2 to 4 head per pen. The management of these bulls is similar to years past, with calves penned separately by owner. This group has some of the largest bulls on test. Netherton Angus' bull 5134 (out of Sitz Onward 377S) is now topping the scale at 1,300 lbs! Among the seven pens currently occupied, we have an average weight of 925, with an overall average daily gain of 3.75 lbs. per day. The top performing bull within this group is once again out of McCall's Land & Cattle bull, EF Impression 2648, gaining a whopping 5.58 lbs. per day over the 60-day feeding period.